Fast track training and employment programme for immigrants in Finland

Employment programme – applying to the programme is closed!

Koto-SIB programme offers support and training to make it quicker and easier to find employment. Education and training is designed for your needs and those of the job. We offer lessons in Finnish, working life skills and job coaching. You learn the skills you need in the job. We will take your wishes into account, but offer you work in a field where employees are needed. The programme is nationwide and offers options also for academic professionals. Over 1000 immigrants have found a job with our help!

I was looking for a job for 8 years in Finland. I attended many different courses but it was the Koto-SIB employment programme that really helped me. Everything happened fast, it took only couple of months. Now I’m working in a Cafe.

Edna 37v.

The program was good and supportive. I got a lot of help and now I’m very happy and thankful because I got a full time job in construction.

Justin 31 v.

I really tried to find a job on my own for 3 years but did not succeed. The programme helped me and I found a job in Posti. I’m very satisfied with the result.

Erdinc 29 v.

About the programme

Koto-SIB Employment Programme is implemented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and managed by Epiqus Oy together with TE-offices and service providers. Finding the jobs, educating and training immigrants is done by service providers who are experienced professionals in integration training. The Programme offers an optional path for finding employment and learning Finnish.


• you have a residence permit in Finland, but not yet Finnish citizenship
• you are a customer of a TE Office and have registered as an unemployed job seeker
• you are prepared to start working after a short period of training
• you wish to learn the Finnish language while working in the field we offer you
• you can read and write in Latin letters
• If you already are a student, you can not participate in the program.

Training and internship period

Training and internship period is tailored  according to the individual needs of the participant. There are different options. You can study Finnish for 3 to 6 months in a classroom or in workshops. The internship period begins when the level of Finnish is sufficient. It is inteded to lead to employment, but job searching is continued if needed. Participants of the programme receive the same unemployment Kela benefit as unemployed.

Professions and occupations

• Logistics and warehousing
• Bus, taxi and driving (Finnish language requirements)
• Restaurants (jobs as restaurant worker, coffee shop worker, cook (education is needed for cook’s work)
• Cleaning
• Property maintenance
• Customer service (Finnish language requirements)
• Construction work
• Personal care assistant (Finnish language requirements)
• Manufacturing industry (food factory, assembly)

Please look here for more opportunities for highly educated.


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