The Shortcut SIB Catalyst Programme - entering the start-up business world

The Shortcut SIB Catalyst Programme - entering the start-up business world

The Shortcut Catalyst Programme provides opportunities for immigrants interested in starting up a business in the technology industry. Read more in Helsingin Uutiset blog post (in Finnish). The program application is now open. For more information, please contact

The training includes:

● Interactive workshops on topics related to business development, design and tech

● Inspirational talks from startup doers

● Peer-learning activities (such as Coding Club, Digital Marketing and Business English Club)

● Networking and partner activities, chances to be seen directly by startups

● Entrepreneurial training and access to incubators and accelerators

This programme is organised by The Startup Shortcut Oy and will be conducted in The Shortcut Lab based at Maria 01 startup hub. The training is built around project-based learning activities which will give you a chance to enhance your existing skills and to position your skill set towards startups and high-growth companies. In addition, you will extend your network and showcase your abilities in the startup environment.

What is project-based learning?

Project-based learning is a hands-on approach to training. Within the programme you learn while attending workshops, peer learning activities and seminars; then you can put it into practice through real-time projects with The Shortcut in the areas of IT, marketing, HR, communications, social media, community management, event production and more. At the initiation of the programme The Shortcut will match you with projects which give you a chance to leverage your existing skills and to put newly-acquired skills directly to use.

Simultaneously, by working in the Maria 01 startup hub and attending events organised by The Shortcut and our partners, you will get to know representatives from startup companies and the extended ecosystem.

After the training period with The Shortcut, and provided that you have the required skills that can be matched with a startup, you can do a one-month internship with a startup or high growth company, giving you a chance to further demonstrate your competence to startup doers and move into formal employment with the company.

The training will occur for a minimum of 70 days and will require at least 25 hours of commitment per week; the majority of the training will be done during weekdays but you should expect some evening and weekend hours for special events.

No previous experience in startups is required. The main criterion for participating is ATTITUDE: if you are curious about technology and entrepreneurship, you are welcome to join us. This is your starting point to take an active role in (re)building your future.



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