How to apply FAQ

How to apply FAQ

How do I apply to the Koto-SIB program?

You can leave your application at our website. Please choose the right advertisement according to your place of living for example Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa or Tampere. There are specific programs for people with university degree.

What happens when I have submitted my application?

After you have submitted your application at our website, you will receive a phone call from our Client Officer in 1 to 3 days. She will interview you over the phone and see through that you fill in all the requirements for the program. She will also ask about your career interests and job wishes. If you fulfil all the requirements, your name and social security number will be asked and sent to TE-office for randomization (it is like a lottery). TE-office will conduct the randomization once a week in Uusimaa area. In other areas, the randomizations are conducted once a month. 70 % of the applicants will be randomized into the program and 30 % will be randomized in the control group and can not participate in the Koto-SIB program.

If you get in the program you will be contacted by our Client Officer and Job Coach and invited in the interview and the program begins.

If you are randomized in the control group you will be contacted by your local TE-officer.

What happens if I end up in the control group?

If you end up in the control group, you may not participate in the program at all. TE-office will offer you other services.

I have left my application but I did not get any phone call?

After leaving your application you will get a phone call in 1 to 3 days. If this does not happen you can send us email:

How can I know if I have ended up in the control group?

If you have left your application over a week ago in Uusimaa region and 2-3 weeks in other regions you can send us email:

What is the control group for?

The program’s impact evaluation is conducted as a Randomized Control Trial and measured by differences in tax collections and unemployment benefit payments between control and target groups.

I have tried to send an application at your website but it doesn’t work?

You can send us email:

I applied into the program, was interviewed over the phone and later got a phone call that I was accepted in. Now I have waited for a long time and I do not know when the program begins?

Please send us an email:


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