Job opportunities in Uusimaa region in November 2019

Job opportunities in Uusimaa region in November 2019

The companies and employers participating in the Koto-SIB program are eager to hire immigrants. The number of available job opportunities varies from day to day depending on the employers’ needs. The work may be full-time, part-time, permanent, fixed or short-term. The job coaches of the Koto-SIB program assist the clients in drafting their job applications, organize job interviews and support their clients throughout the process.


Job opportunities in November 2019


Restaurant work 30+ (kitchen staff, waiter)

Construction work 10+

Warehousing work 10+

Industry laundry 5+

Food factory work 20 +

Recycling services work 2+

Cleaning 5+

Mail delivery 5+

Nanny, personal assistant and school assistant 20 + (Finnish language requirements)

Occasional positions in recycling, food industry, dismantling.

Opportunities and training for clients who are willing to move inside Finland

Bus driver, lorry driver and taxi driver, training and job opportunities for clients with a B driver’s licence and good language skills.

A number of opportunities in Barona, Biisoni and Citywork

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