Finnish courses and job-coaching

Finnish courses and job-coaching

Koto-SIB program operates nationwide throughout Finland. In the capital region the services for the program are provided by Entry Education, Live Palvelut, Arffman and Monik ry, which are responsible for teaching the Finnish language and work life skills along with job-coaching and organizing the job interviews. You can study Finnish and work life skills for 3 to 6 months in the program. Along with the language lessons you get job-coaching

The online SIB program organized by Arffman provides similar services and SIB-studies online available everywhere in Finland. In Joensuu region the services for the program are provided by Honkalampi-säätiö. In Turku and Tampere region the service provider is Entry Education, and in Oulu as well as Jyväskylä the services are provided by Arffman.

Service Providers take care of the clients during their studies and they can help the client in their job search for three years if necessary. The clients of the SIB-program are supported in many different ways: They can get personal job-coaching, improve their skills in applying for job, acquire the necessary certificates and degrees for work, for example a bus drivers licence. However, the SIB-program does not offer vocational education. The idea is to become employed as quickly as possible. The program is suitable for people who want to get a full-time and permanent job fast.

The Koto-SIB program also offers opportunities for educated immigrants. Hanken & SSE Executive Education offers their award-winning Integration program Business Lead -program for immigrants, who have a university degree and some work experience and are interested in entrepreneurship and doing business. The last Business Lead -program started in October 2019.

The Shortcut provides training for immigrants interested in the start-up business world. You can apply here. Please see more information here.

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